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Our Guarantee

We make our Flower Pot Holder built to last. It’s strong and specially designed to handle all kinds of weather conditions. Its ability to hold Terracotta Flower Pots and Troughs is so good, we guarantee Terra Latch for 5 years. Oh and it has been The #1 Flower Pot Holder for some time now too!

Made in America

The Americans are known for their strong and durable products. So that’s why we decided to make Terra Latch in the USA and bring it all the way to the UK so you have a great quality product that you know will last!

40 Kilos

Us gardeners know how heavy Terracotta Pots can be especially when filled with soil, flowers and water. With just 1 latch you can hang a Flower Pot up to 12 inches or 30 cm in diameter with a 19 Litre capacity. In fact it can hold Flower Pots like that very easily. You can even use Terra Latch to hang heavier and bigger Terracotta Troughs using 2 latches. We just want you to know that whatever the weight Terra Latch can handle it!