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Upcoming gardens shows.

There are some truly stunning Garden Shows out there and we are lucky enough to have some of the best right here in the UK! Whether you have a small or big outdoor space, Modern or English Countryside Garden there’s a Garden Show for everyone. And many who have designed Award winning Gardens have used Terra Latch incorporating Floating Pot Designs for Vertical Gardens. One of the best things Garden Designers find about using Terra Latch, is its versatility to hold Plant Pots virtually anywhere. It doesn’t even matter if you have a garden! Create your own garden using a small Terrace or Patio or even a tiny courtyard or balcony. Add a Plant Pot Stand on wheels or hide a fence to create instant impact. It’s easy and simple!

Hopefully throughout the Gardening Season you will be able attend one of the Shows below to get inspired with great Garden Design and how to use your space to create your perfect Garden.

See our Vertical Garden Gallery for some Floating Flower Pot inspiration

7 – 9 April
15 – 17 April
21 – 23 April
11 – 14 May
19 – 21 May
23 – 27 May
7 – 11 June
12 – 13 July
19 – 23 July
3 – 6 August
18 – 20 August
26 – 28 August
5 – 10 September
23 – 24 September