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Create your perfect Vertical Garden with Terra Latch

10 reasons to love Terra Latch Flower Pot Holder

Attach Pot Holder to virtually any vertical surface

Simply tie or screw a Terra Latch to guttering pipes, railings, fencing, sheds, brick or concrete walls, posts and many more surfaces, It’s that simple!

Simply hang in 3 easy steps

Just pick a spot where you want to hang your Terracotta Flower Pot, screw or tie your Terra Latch to the vertical surface and clip your Terracotta Pot in place. It’s as easy as that. All you need is a screw driver, no other tools are required

See the Terracotta Pot not the hook

Ugly hooks or clips no longer. Terra Latch simple, slim design effortlessly suspends your pot to focus on the flowers and Terracotta Pot, not the holder. Neatly hidden behind the Pot it uniquely holds the Pot in mid-air, creating a fabulous, almost magical floating pot sensation. A great talking piece!

Secure Flower Pot Holder

The specially designed Pot Holder is a perfect fit for Terracotta Pots holding them snugly in place unlike other Pot Holders

Wind Proof

Designed in America and tested specifically to withstand windy and stormy conditions, this Pot Holder does not budge, whatever the weather!

Virtually indestructible

Yes that is right! The specially formulated resign has been designed for toughness and strength. It does not bend, rust or break. In fact Terra Latch is so strong it can take an incredible 40 kilos!

Unaffected by extreme conditions

You can have full confidence with Terra Latch Flower Pot Holder as it is unaffected by extreme weather conditions such as wet, cold, hot or sunny. We are so confident that we guarantee it or your money back

Paint any colour

Our standard colours are brown or white but you may have a particular colour shed or wall you would like it to match to. Just paint the latch to any desired colour to blend into your surroundings

Multiple Flower Pot Hanging uses

This product not only can hang anywhere but can be used indoors as well as outdoors. Put cooking utensils in a pot or hang Christmas decorations whatever you can think of, it will hang it!

Transforms unused Vertical space into a beautiful mini walled garden

Within just a few minutes transform your area into a mini oasis full of colour and scent

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